National Geographic set out to produce a compelling documentary titled “The Heart of Greeley,” focusing on the rich cultural and natural history of Greeley, CO. The project aimed to capture the essence of the city, from its bustling downtown life to the serene landscapes that surround it. Given the project’s ambitious scope, National Geographic enlisted Lee Frank, a renowned audio engineer, to ensure the documentary’s sound landscape was as vivid and engaging as its visuals.


The primary challenge was capturing and blending a wide range of audio elements that reflected Greeley’s diverse environments. The documentary required a delicate balance between city sounds, interviews with locals, and the natural ambiance of Colorado’s landscapes. Moreover, the audio had to support the narrative seamlessly, enhancing the storytelling without overwhelming the visuals. Ensuring clarity, depth, and emotional resonance in the documentary’s sound was crucial.


Lee Frank approached the project with a meticulous strategy:

  1. On-Location Recording: Lee and his team conducted extensive on-location audio recordings. Using state-of-the-art equipment, they captured the vibrant life of Greeley’s downtown, the tranquility of its natural settings, and the personal stories of its residents with exceptional clarity.
  2. Sound Design: In post-production, Lee crafted a rich sound design that complemented the documentary’s visual storytelling. He skillfully mixed natural sounds with music and narrative elements, creating a dynamic audio landscape that transported viewers to the heart of Greeley.
  3. Dialogue Enhancement: Understanding the importance of the documentary’s personal stories, Lee employed advanced techniques to ensure that every interview was clear and impactful, regardless of the recording conditions.
  4. Audio Post-Production: Lee’s expertise shone in the mixing and mastering phases. He fine-tuned the documentary’s audio to achieve a perfect balance, ensuring that no sound overpowered another, and that each moment’s emotional and informational content was conveyed effectively.


“The Heart of Greeley” was a resounding success, acclaimed for its immersive storytelling and the vividness of its audiovisual presentation. Viewers praised the documentary for making them feel as though they were walking through Greeley themselves, experiencing its beauty and community spirit firsthand. Lee Frank’s audio engineering played a pivotal role in achieving this level of immersion, proving once again the importance of sound in documentary filmmaking.


The documentary set a new benchmark for audio quality in National Geographic productions, leading to Lee Frank being sought after for future projects. His work demonstrated that with the right expertise, audio could elevate a documentary from informative to unforgettable. “The Heart of Greeley” not only captivated audiences but also showcased how technical excellence in audio engineering could bring the essence of a story to life.


Lee Frank’s contribution to “The Heart of Greeley” exemplifies the profound impact of expert audio engineering on documentary filmmaking. Through his skillful blending of natural sounds, narrative audio, and environmental ambiance, Lee has set a new standard for immersive and emotionally resonant storytelling in the documentary genre.

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