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Extensive experience on most every type of professional production

Nuggets NBA Champs

Denver Nuggets Coach Michael Malone LIVE on ESPN SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt after the Nuggets win their first NBA Championship. The audio setup has the coach listening though a cell phone interface and talking though the headset mic into my mixer with a hardwire feed to the camera which sends the audio and video back on a TVU livestream interface.

It’s fun when everything works, which it did for this celebration.

I’ve worked many major sports events including the NFL Superbowl, NHL Stanley Cup Finals, MLB World Series. NCAA Final Four Basketball, PGA tournaments, Major League Soccer, Rugby, ESPN X-Games, Professional Bull Riders and the Olympic Games.

CBS Sunday Morning

In this CBS News story U.S. Army troops train with mine sweeping equipment designed for use in Ukraine and other war zones. A loud blast detonated buried land mines and then soldiers explained the clearing procedure in a walk-and-talk show-and-tell.  Helping share the stories of our military missions has taken me overseas and to numerous military installations where the interactions have always been interesting and professional.

Budweiser Clydesdales

The clip-clops can be heard from quite a distance as the Budweiser Clydesdales approach the Anheuser Bush brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. These majestic horses patiently pose for pictures, like this one. Yes, I’m fine working with animals and children.

History Channel Wyoming

Big Boy, the largest steam locomotive in the world, at the Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne, Wyoming. So many great sounds to capture for this episode of Modern Marvels on The History Channel. I’ve also spent time on trains working on a National Geographic Documentary.

Trains, planes and automobiles…plus race cars, trucks and motorcycles, boats, bikes, snowmobiles —I’ve recorded sounds around so many types of transportation. Some of the loudest audio recordings came from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.
Been there, done that.


Working on an Amazon video project offered a chance to gather sounds of the people and many machines in the order fulfillment process inside gigantic distribution centers.  The sound of a package traveling down a series of chutes and conveyor belts helps tell the story.  Prime audio.


Rock The Block features four teams of HGTV designers and builders competing to customize four identical houses.  Each team offers its own take on the task.  Doing audio on this show for weeks and weeks takes endurance, patience and a lot of cooperation on an active construction site.  I’ve worked on many reality shows and enjoy the teamwork of a big cast and crew making an interesting series of shows.

Kiev, Ukraine Mayor

Vitali Klitschko, winner of numerous World Heavyweight Boxing Championships, became the mayor of Kiev, Ukraine fighting for his people.  While working with him on a documentary project I recorded the sounds of  intense interactions between Mayor Klitschko and other leaders including the U.S. Secretary of State.  Many people wanted selfies with the 6-foot-7 hero and he always offered to hold the iphone with his long outstretched arm.

Mountain Audio

Skiing with audio gear? Sure thing.  I’ve enjoyed many years of getting on-mountain sounds at ESPN X-Games in Aspen, US Open Snowboarding Championship in Vail and other action-sports events.  For a National Geographic documentary on avalanches I skied with the mountain safety crew into a triggered-avalanche snowslide.  All in a challenging day’s work.


The Greatest Of All Time series on The History Channel offered another chance to work with Peyton Manning.  The NFL Hall Of Fame quarterback respects crew members who respect his time.  Being ready with the right gear and the right attitude there’s no waiting on sound.  I’m ready to roll.

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